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The Principles of Narcotics Consultants between them have more than 28 years experience with illicit drugs and the deployment of specially trained drug detector dogs.

Trained detector dogs have successfully been deployed in the following work place environments:

• Factories
• Freezing works
• Business offices
• Fishing vessels
• Aircraft
• Cruise ships
• Oil refineries
• Educational Institutes
• Hotels
• Logistical Companies
• Airports

Our extensive experience has involved deployment of working dogs in conjunction with the American Secret Service during the Asia Pacific Economic Conference.

Regular on-going training is provided to the detector dogs to continue the reinforcement of odor recognition. A dog has 220 million smell sensory cells compared to humans 5 million.

Our loveable affectionate dogs are the same cost effective method now in use world wide to inspect for illegal contraband.

Narcotics Consultants are an independent operation that ARE NOT associated in any way with any law enforcement agency, regulatory authority or Government Department.

Course of action taken upon the detection of Narcotics in the work place and home rests with the engaging client.

Narcotics Consultants work directly with you in advising and implementing a course of action for the detection of Narcotics in the work place or home.

Early detection of recreational drug taking in the work place reduces the risk of accident or damage to machinery. Drug impairment effects not only productivity but impacts upon the production of a quality product.

Declined insurance cover due to drug impairment or Workers Compensation claims can result in the financial ruin of any business.

A written report detailing any areas of drug interest will be provided to enable implementation of strategies to reduce work place risk and enhance staff productivity.

Narcotics Consultants are committed to providing a professional discreet service with a genuine concern for a company’s reputation and accordingly have an absolute privacy policy.

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