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The active ingredient in Ecstasy is Methylenediowymethamphetamine, commonly referred to as MDMA.

MDMA is usually ingested in pill form.

From the time of ingestion maxim concentrations in the blood occur between 1:5 and 3 hours. It then slowly decreases to half concentration over approximately 8 hours.

Users will experience the effects of:

• Increased positive emotion and decreased negative emotion.
• Increased sense of well being.
• Increased sociability and feeling of closeness or connection with others.
• Reduced defensiveness and fear of emotional injury.
• A sense of increased insightfulness and introspective ability.

Short term physical side effects are inclusive of:

• Pupil dilation.
• Involuntary movement of the eyes.
• General restlessness.
• Loss of appetite.
• Increased heart rate and blood pressure.
• Loss of sleep.
• Dehydration.

MDMA decreases heat loss in the body by causing constriction of blood vessels near the skin and at times increasing heat production by muscles and the brain. Effects are amplified in people who become dehydrated and are unable to cool by sweating.

Consumption of water to achieve regulation of body temperature carries inherent risks. Over consumption may result in water intoxication and dilution of the blood that can cause swelling of the brain.

Physical exertion may lead to dangerously high body temperatures if precautions are not taken to remain cool.

Sustained high body temperatures result in muscle breakdown which in turn can cause renal failure and death.

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