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Cannabis has a long history of religious use, especially in India.

The most well known western group for using cannabis in religious ceremonies is the Rastafarian movement.

Many individuals consider their use of cannabis to be spiritual regardless of not belonging to any organized religion.

During the 1960’s Hippy alternative life style, the social use of cannabis found great favor. Individuals consuming cannabis perceived they were able to achieve introspective meditative state of mind.

Sustained early-adolescent cannabis use among certain genetically predisposed individuals has an elevated correlation of mental illness ranging from psychotic episodes to clinical schizophrenia.

The active ingredient in cannabis is Tetrahydocannabinol commonly referred to as THC

Due to experimentation with plant cultivation techniques the diversity and potency of cannabis strains has increased since 1970’s

Cannabis affects blood flow to the brain by narrowing blood vessels mimicking how heart disease affects blood flow.

Users will experience the effects of:

• Varying amounts of paranoia and anxiety.
• Loss of co ordination and distorted sense of time.
• Auditory or visual hallucinations at high doses.
• Increased blood flow and heart rate
• Reddening or drying of eyes.
• Impairment of short-term memory in some users

Behavioral effects are inclusive of varying degrees of euphoria and laziness.

Effects of Cannabis consumption will vary upon the intensity of the THC present.

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